Why United?

Sanitation in Warehousing

United Warehouse maintains a comprehensive Sanitation and Pest Control program to ensure the suitability of our warehouse to safely store and distribute our customer’s products. We employ a variety of equipment, a dedicated sanitation staff, and dogged determination to maintain our facilities to the highest of standards.

  • United Warehouse facilities are extraordinarily clean.
  • United Warehouse facilities are smartly lit.
  • United Warehouse employees routinely conduct inspections.
  • United Warehouse employees strictly adhere to food-grade warehousing standards.
  • United Warehouse facilities meet the highest standards in sanitation.


Integrated Pest Management

United Warehouse partners with Licensed Pest Control Operators (PCO’s)to provide the highest level of pest management possible to ensure that our facilities remain safe to store and distribute our customers’ products.

Pest control service procedures and reports are designed to identify any potential issues at the earliest possible opportunity and prevent them from affecting our customers’ products or our facility. Any issues that may arise in our facility, or with our customers’ products, are immediately reported and mitigating action aggressively pursued.

We store our customer’s products in a manner to facilitate our sanitation and pest control processes by maintaining adequate space for inspection and cleaning activities. All of our employees are accountable for adhering to these policies and assisting management in identifying areas in need of improvement throughout the facilities.