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Warehouse Consulting Services


Whether anticipating change or reacting to it, garnering United’s 100 years of insights in 3PL operations is smart. From restructuring an inbound supply chain, to establishing a fulfillment structure, United Warehouse Consulting Services collaborates with your team to formulate a sound plan.

Assessment. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your industry’s most prevalent and efficient channels. We look at staffing, WMS needs and facilities requirements. Also, it’s important to identify potential external shifts, such as market changes and supply disruptions.

Design. We’ll provide as much guidance and detail as is needed. Whether limited to oversight and consultation, or engineering and operating your supply chain, United is equipped to handle it all.

Site location. Variables in selecting one location or an entire outsourcing network can be complex, and always numerous. We’ll help with feasibility evaluations, geographic coverage, distribution and proximity scenarios, staffing costs, occupancy costs, shipping cost analysis