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Contract Warehousing


Contract warehousing to deliver precision supply chain performance for your customers.
Watch: Dedicated (contract) warehousing gives you professional management and staffing, real-time data visibility, and systems that evolve to keep you ahead of your competition.

Today’s technology-based distribution networks are built for scalability and growth. The 3PL of tomorrow will be driven by an inherent level of flexibility, adaptability, expertise and proficiency in applying contemporary tools of our trade.

Only the most experienced 3PL provider has the foresight to design and operate a proprietary supply chain capable of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to yield their maximum efficiency and potential.

With more than 100 years of experience touching all aspects of warehousing logistics and distribution, we match proven logistics principles with innovative inventory flow-through techniques. We identify advantageous opportunities, as well as potential obstacles.

United partners with your logistics team to architect and integrate every detail of a proprietary distribution network. And just as crucial, we manage the facility’s operations to its fullest potential with a professionally trained workforce.

Dedicated (contract) Warehousing Benefits

  • Exclusive facility dedicated to your requirements
  • Professionally designed and equipped for peak performance, reliability, sustainability, competitive advantage, and cost-effectiveness
  • Flexible models to suit your needs
    • Your owned warehouse facility, United’s facility, or leased facility
    • Your equipment and labor, United’s equipment and labor, or leased resources
    • Insurance, safety, security, and environmental compliance packages designed to suit your needs
  • Professional management and technology dedicated to your operations
  • United’s Continuous Improvement program to keep your management, systems and processes on the cutting edge of performance and efficiency
  • Speed to market
    • Rapid turnaround on design and implementation to get your solution in place faster